Directed by Edson da Conceicao & Timo Ottevanger

Cinematographer: Bo Bolderink

Producers: Wladimir van Heester, Jesse van der Pluijm 

Production Designer: Nadine Klingen 

Costume: Mijs de Wit

Editor: Iain Whitewright 

Colorist: Judy Steenman

Composers: Jelle Verstraten, Arend Bruijn, Hans Nieuwenhuijsen

VFX Supervisor: Juriaan Wolters

Trailer below 


-Cinematography Award Winner: A show for a Change (Long Beach, California US)

-Selected for Shortcutz Amsterdam 2019

-Nominated for Best Short Film - Cinekid 


Two innocent orphans, Maiky and Alyssa, are trying to survive in a world overrun by war. The ongoing war has left the children scarred for life. With a shortage of food and potable water, the children try to hide in a run-down house, but the raging war is catching up on them. Maiky and Alyssa are forced to escape from their shelter and have to navigate the ruins of a bombed city full of crumbling buildings. Maiky and Alyssa are continuously confronted with patrolling soldiers, emaciated bodies and civilian casualties. Alyssa and Maiky are looking for a place which will make them to feel like children again, a SafeHaven. It seems they will never be able to escape the war, but they keep clinging on to hope.

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