El Muerto

Scenario: Thomas van Soort

Director: Lois de Jong

Cinematographer: Bo Bolderink

Productie: Remy Mulder, Yanick Pilgram, Davide van de Polder

Production Design: Klaudia Schenkels

Art Direction: Henk Pol

Kostuum: Mijs de Wit

Sound Design: Bjorn Hoogland

Montage: Tim de Wit

Componist: Nico Maas

Trailer Below


- That Filmfestival (London)  Winner of best film 


On his deathbed, a rugged cowboy tells his two brothers and wife about the gold he found. And so they ride out, into the wild, fantasizing about their future wealth. Steve, a good-for-nothing drunkard, needs to pay off his gambling debts. His older brother and priest, Luke, wants to build a flamboyant church. And Ellen dreams about the sophisticated city-life. But the gold is less then expected and not everyone is willing to give up on their dream.

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